Der Jo
This picture is getting older, and me too. But yet, we are slowly getting out of sync. Until it is fully understood how this can happen, the picture (of 2001) will remain in place.

By convention, this type of illusion is called reality. Reality is frequently assumed to obey the laws of logic.
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For those who appreciate the conceptual beauty and deep meaning
of self reference and infinite recursion, this link is provided.

Software for breaking the code of the historic
Lorenz SZ42 cipher machine is available here.

Build a 18 MBit/s TRNG based on thermal noise

Simpler models for the ASCAD data

NEW: If you have difficulty adapting to daylight saving time like me, try

If you get bored, you can play with these pseudo-random
number generators (not for crypto): prng32.c and prng64.c.

View the questionable results of a tree care simplification algorithm.

If you are too lazy to solve Sudoku puzzles yourself,
check out the Sudoku Solver (a Python script).

Since the real Queen of Programming Languages is Ada, there are
also a Sudoku Solver and a Hexadoku Solver, both written in Ada.

Enhance your mental abilities by playing the game of memory!

If you are desperate for a 440 Hz tune, try 440Hz.mp3 or 440Hz.wav.

You may also listen to weak signals in white noise.

Morse Code: Listen to Alice in Wonderland.

    You can download the GCC Ada Compiler (GNAT) as a precompiled
binary package for NetBSD 3.1/i386 here: gcc34-ada-3.4.6.tgz
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